Commercial Property in London

Special offer for investors looking for hassle free income and enhanced return:

  • Commercial property (hotel apartments) in Central London (next to Big Ben in Westminster)
  • Return: 6 - 7% net on property price
  • Budget: from about GBP 300,000 per unit/ apartment
  • Management: completely hassle free as managed by a reputable international hotel operator Park Plaza
  • Exceptional track record: generation of strong income stream of 6-8% since 2008
  • Tax position: very advantageous for non resident investors if acquisition is structured correctly

London Property can source units, negotiate the price, arrange legal and accounting support as well as a suitable holding structure if required.

Other commercial property

Commercial property (offices, shops, restaurants, warehouses, hotels, etc) in London is in strong demand due to the following reasons:

  • Stable rental income of 4% to 12% as per the long term leasing contracts (5-25 years) with contractual possibility to increase the rent
  • Commercial property increases in value in the long term
  • Hands free investment which does not require owner's involvement (usually, a long term tenant take care of maintenance and refurbishment at the end of the tenancy)
  • Advanced financing market (with loan to value up to 80%), including for non-residends and offshore companies
  • Tax efficiency due to absence of capital gains tax on non-residends and depreciation and interest costs being tax deductible expense for calculation of rental profits
  • Advanced services infrastructure for buying, selling, letting, legal, valuation, survey, financing, ownership structuring, etc services
  • Attractive entry level due to low GBP exchange rate and recovering UK economy

Commercial property in London: factors influencing risk and return

  • Location
  • Type (shops, offices, warehouse, etc)
  • Quality of built
  • Quality of the leasee
  • Contract terms (duration, rent, etc)

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