London Property

London Property helps clients to aquire commercial and residential property in London, including buy-to-let and off plan property.

We help clients to achieve:

  • stable rental income (2-4% net) and capital gain (about 7% per annum in the long term) by investing in London buy to let property
  • leveraged capital gain by investing in off plan property (up to 100% on invested capital)
  • enhanced income (6-10%) and capital gain by investing in commercial property

London Property adds value by:

  • identification of market segments with attractive point of price cycle
  • finding attractive locations, such as those benefiting from massive regeneration or significant investment in infrastructure
  • selecting projects and units
  • negotiating discounts (up to 5-7%) when buying or premiums (up to 10%) when selling properties
  • arranging financing with interest rates from 2% and loan to value up to 75% of a purchase price
  • coordinating transactions to achieve soonest completion, using tactics to minimise risk of abortion of transaction by a counterparty
  • structuring acquisition and financing to save up to 100% of rental profit tax, capital gains tax, withholding tax and inheretance tax
  • working with lettings agents to achieve maximum occupancy and rental profit
  • restructuring a portfolio (releasing capital, sale, re-investment, etc) when currency, price cycles or changing regulations suggest so

Our investors achieved positive double digit returns even during the last two years, when others suffered negative returns.

Off Plan Property

Off plan property investment is a convenient way to get a leveraged exposure to London property market and fix a purchase price before completion of construction.

London Property helps investors to maximize return on investment by sourcing off plan property

  • in locations expected to outperform general market, sometimes to significant margin
  • with long time to completion of construction (2-4 years)
  • with a low capital outlay before completion of construction (10-30% of purchase price)
  • security of a deposit

Due to financial leverage, 10% deposit before completion of construction returns 100% on invested deposit if property prices increase by 10%. An off plan contract can either be re-sold prior to completion or completed. London Property can assist with financing, lettings and portfolio management.

Off plan property in London: details

Buy to Let Property

Buy to Let property yields stable rental income (2% - 7%) and long term capital growth (about 7% per annum in the long term). Return on invested capital can be enhanced by using a mortgage or an off plan purchase.

Due to recovering UK economy and low exchange rate for British pound, London property market offers good investment opportunities for long term buy to let investors. Historically, London property prices have been increasing steadily and rising faster than average UK property prices.

Howerver, different market segments perform differently and segment and project selection are key to superior performance. For example, during 2014-2017 many investors in London suffered double digit negative returns, while our clients enjoyed positive double digit returns. It takes research and experience to identify right strategies, negotiate effectively, and minimise tax losses.

Buy to let property in London: details

Commercial Property in London

Commercial property frequently yields higher rental income and is significantly more tax efficient for foreign buyers. It is hassle free investment which can be financed with commercial mortgage.

For example, London Property offers hotel apartments in Central London (next to Big Ben in Westminster) yielding 6-7% net as completely hassle free investment managed by a reputable international hotel operator Park Plaza with exceptional track record of generating strong income stream since 2008.

Commercial Property: details

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